What is Sporty Team™

Buy & Sell Genuine Merchandise From Your Favorite Sports Team.

We are an A.I. powered Sports Team Merchandise Marketplace, where you can buy and sell genuine merchandise from your favourite sports team.

We are dedicated to providing a platform that meets the needs and wants of both buyers and sellers, with our sellers consistently providing only excellent customer service with a “wow” experience!


  1. 100% TOTAL Brand Protection for Sports Teams. We are the first platform where Sports Teams can sell their products and merchandise directly to their fans, and also fully protect their brand from exploitation, as no unauthorized seller of any brand, is allowed to sell on our platform.
  2. Social Networking Community – Directly engage with other buyers and sellers with an integrated Social Networking platform embedded in Sporty Team. As a sports team merchandise seller, directly engage with your fans/customers and give them a personal touch.
  3. Sellers receive 90% of all Sales.
  4. Sellers can get in-front of their fans and potential customers daily, for FREE.
  5. Automation and full integration of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), in all processes, which exponentially increases efficiency, effectiveness, and also greatly decreases overall over-head costs for sellers.

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